International Jazz Day Latvia

Well, it has been a while since I last wrote something here, but it doesn’t mean that I had nothing interesting going on with my life, on the contrary – a lot of stuff has gone down lately. The brightest thing that happened to me is the Jazz Day. Once again, I ended up in between of organizing an event and performing in one. I guess I will start with the hardest one :)


Pt.1 – organizing:

After last years success we’ve decided that we definitely want to do this again, I mean, that was so awesome, seeing how musicians celebrated this day, how people enjoyed every concert, that was so amazing, every concert location was full, we’ve stayed up until the dawn, I even danced although I was with crutches! This year we’ve decided not to try making more events, but to concentrate on less and to put more efforts in few and to make perfect. So we continued following last years concept of advertising events that were planned by others and organized a couple of concerts on our own. So, we had three main stages:

1. Jazz Concert Hall – we called it a “representative” concert – it was a location for those, who wanted to enjoy only the concert, not the bar or something like that, but to be classy.

2.  Funk Concert Hall – well, this event was for those, who needed some crazy time – It was a funk music concert in a TV studio aired live and it was amazing, I will definitely get back to this one later!

3. Jazz Master Jam – after last year we understood that we need a jam session, because, well, it’s jazz music, and jazz can’t be without a jam session! So we did a concert with three super bands participating and as a culmination of the night – a jam session. Te club was so full of people, that it was hard to get to the stage. Mission accomplished!

In the end our three main locations were full of people, looking at that was so inspiring, musicians were happy, we were happy, and we did honor the jazz by celebrating it.  And by the way, by “we” I mean my Sasha, who does most of the job :))))) Right?

Pt.2 – participating:

As promised, I’m getting back to one of the concerts! This year I was in RigaTV 24 once again (last year with a big band), but this year I had the honor of being a guest soloist in a project called Funkology. This project is a dedication to different funk legends, a tribute. There is an awesome band in Riga, called Very Cool People, and they indeed are very cool. They made a huge research, found all this funk grands, chose appropriate soloists to represent them (read – to sing their songs) and made a series of concerts which resulted in a huge one exactly on the Jazz Day. I was a part of a tribute to George Clinton (Funkadelic, The Parliament). It was so much fun to sing their tunes, to try and pass the same message as they did, and in the end the concert turned out to be a huge success. I mean, how could it not be a success – an enormous amount of work was invested in it, it couldn’t go wrong! Preparation once again! :)

Ok, that’s it, it was so good, that I don’t know what else I can say, just wait for the video and you’ll see for yourself! And if you want to know more about our good deeds, just visit our web page! The Most Awesome Jazz Day Ever

Oh, and some pictures of Funkology concert taken by Iveta Sēbriņa:














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