International Jazz Day Latvia

Well, it has been a while since I last wrote something here, but it doesn’t mean that I had nothing interesting going on with my life, on the contrary – a lot of stuff has gone down lately. The brightest thing that happened to me is the Jazz Day. Once again, I ended up in between of organizing an event and performing in one. I guess I will start with the hardest one :)


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Recording with Lynn Seaton

One of the most amazing things that happened to me in December 2014 was a recording session with Lynn Seaton. Lynn has visited Riga to teach jazz bass in JVLMA (where I’m currently studying jazz vocals). Thanks to Fulbright scholarship of the embassy of the USA he stayed with us for the whole semester, it was a big luck for us, because we had a chance to learn so much from him. We jammed a couple of times and decided to make a recording, because we were so inspired with the result. We did 3 tunes – one was a up tempo swing “What a little moonlight can do”, a duo for a ballad “You don’t know what love is” and the most unexpected of all – cover version of Adele song “Rolling in the deep”. Now, the story behind the last one was quite funny. That evening I had to be a surprise guest at a stand up show called “Spiediens” (pressure) and I was very unsure about how well I have learned the tune, so I asked the guys to help me out and rehears it a bit. And then Artjom suggested we reharmonize it a bit to spice it up. So we did. The result is awesome, we have a jazz version of a totally pop tune :)

Anyways, it’s the time to say thank you! Thank you Lynn for the opportunity to do music with you. Thank you Artjom for taking part in the recording and in the reharmonizing the tune. Thank you Funcoolio band for lending the studio. Thank you Vladimir Tuzoff for recording and mixing. Thank you Nikita Kuzmins for filming and Vadim Kozhin for filming and editing the video!


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Jazz Workshop in Daugavpils

I guess I can call the year 2014 a year of new experiences – I have lived in another country, learned how to ride a wheel chair, how to use crutches, won a Grand-Prix  and now this one – I had given a workshop. Yes, I tought children to sing jazz and that was awesome!



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Grand Prix

A wonderful thing happened to me just a few days ago – I won my first Grand Prix! Yeeeey, congrats to me! I am extraordinary happy about it, so I’m going to tell a little story about how it was, what it was, where it was and how many amazing people I have met! And in addition, I don’t want it to be just a praise to the awesomeness of me winning, I want it to be useful to someone who’s going to a competition, so I will try to compare this experience with the previous one I had at the same competition, what I have done wrong then and what I did this time. I’ll start from the very beginning.


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Latgales GORS

A wonderful thing happened to me some time ago, one of my small dreams came true – I got a chance to sing in Gors, the Embassy of Latgale.

Evi @Gors - 010814-05

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