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Evilena Protektore is a jazz singer from Latvia, graduated from Jazz Department of Jazeps Vitols Latvian Academy of Music with a Masters degree and has stayed there as a jazz vocal teacher. Has spent a year studying in Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia (Italy) with prof. Maria Pia de Vito and half a year in Hannover (Germany) with prof. Romy Camerun.

Participated in various festivals and projects: «Jazz in Latvia» compilation album, «Pori Jazz» (Finland), «Limassol Jazz» (Cyprus); and contests: «Riga Jazz Stage» (Latvia), «Nomme Jazz» (Estonia) and got a Grand Prix award at «JazzVoices 2014» (Lithuania). In 2016 received a Nic Gotham prize for the contribution to jazz music and jazz life in Latvia.

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Colors of Summer


Jazz musicians, classical string quartet, brass section and electronical effects of a DJ - this is not a random musicians order, but the whole process that makes a special world out of sounds and remakes it within every second.

The band is founded by Artjoms Sarvi - MA in jazz in Latvian Music Academy, one of the most talented jazz piano players, and Evilena Protektore - jazz singer, MA in jazz in Latvian Music Academy, Grand Prix in Jazz Voices 2014, composer and leader of «Pieneņu Vīns». In the program called «Colors of Summer» they will demonstrate their view on what colors the summer has and guide the listener through their deep inner world of music.


Then And Now

Krists Saržants

Krists Saržants’ debut album «Then and Now» is a compilation album of 11 re-orchestrated original compositions and arrangements mainly for jazz quintet with string quartet, horn section, percussion, composed and arranged over the years by Krists. In the album you can hear such musicians as Evilena Protektore, Dāvis Jurka, Andris Grunte, Matias Fischer-Mogensen, Ieva Kerēvica, Laura Grecka, Mārcis Auziņš and others.

The album comes with a book with reflections about each composition and with photos of recording sessions by Vadim Kozhin.

Krists Saržants

Roads Taken

Pieneņu Vīns

«Pieneņu Vīns» is a Latvian band, born in 2005, playing original compositions in funk / fusion. The band has participated in numerous local and international contests and festivals and is recognised for its friendly concert atmosphere and creative digital projects.

In April of 2016 «Pieneņu Vīns» has launched its debut album called ROADS TAKEN, featuring the best and most loved by the audience compositions from all 11 years of the band's experience on the stages of Baltic countries and abroad.

Pieneņu Vīns

Caution! Contains Words!

Very Cool People

Very Cool People is a jazz-funk band originated in Riga, Latvia in 2007. With a backbone in jazz, funk and soul, incorporating influences from surf, klezmer, rock and hip-hop, Very Cool People is creating modern, complicated and listenable music for a wide audience. The band using contemporary tools is trying to put jazz & funk back to dancefloor and make it more accessible to ordinary, nowadays persons.

«Caution! Contains Words» album is a pretty eclectic work from the stylistics point of view. (c) Deniss Pashkevich. Evilena sings two songs in this album: «This Mess» and «Roll With It».

Very Cool People


Very Cool People

«Funkology», recorded in 2015, does not merely reproduce the genre’s structures in flat compositions, but passionately and energetically reinterprets the standards of Parliament-Funkadelic, The Meters, Stevie Wonder, Tower of Power, Curtis Mayfield and James Brown. Funkology compiles the best of the six tribute concerts the band Very Cool People dedicated to the giants of groove.

In this album Evilena sings the songs of «Parliament-Funkadelic» and is the opening act with three tunes: «Give Up The Funk», «Hit It & Quit It» and «You And Your Folks, Me And My Folks».

Very Cool People

Golden Groovers

Golden Groovers is a band that plays the most popular and most groovy songs from all over the world. Golden Groovers repertoire consists of tunes in the styles of jazz, disco, pop, r'n'b, soul. With Golden Groovers your party will be unforgettable!