This ink of mine

I guess my brain has rebooted itself, because suddenly I found myself writing again, and I really like it. Not that I haven’t been doing some writing during this year, but it was all for different purposes, like the JAZZin.lv magazine, which you should totally check out BTW. And...

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A wedding of our own

It’s been almost 8 years since we’re together and exactly one year since we’re married, and I can say that I’ve never been happier. Especially today, while remembering how we went about the wedding and all, I really want to share this story, so if you’re into this kind...

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Master of Jazz

May 2017 was very special to me. Why? Simple. It was a month when I finally played my last concert as a student. Now these days are finally over. Am I happy? Yes, definitely. I had an awesome time during these 6 years as a student, learning most favorite...

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Lester Left Town

Recently I decided that my life isn’t interesting enough and got involved in an interesting adventure — writing lyrics for a jazz tune! Here’s the story: during my masters studies I had to prepare a 40-minute long program, I thought — well, it’s a new era of me becoming...

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Everyone seems to be doing their New Years resolutions, so here’s mine – I hope to go to Italy again. It’s been 2 years since I am back home and I miss it a lot, I miss the people, the language, the view, the music. That’s why I’m proud...

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