Yummy cars

Although my trip to Italy has ended a long time ago, I still have a huge amount of pictures left and I really want to share them. What makes it even more hilarious, I already managed to go to Erasmus for the second time, come back and graduate from...

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Torino Pt2

So, here’s the fourth part of my Torino story! The first was about the Museum of Cars, the second about Sheila Jordan, the third about how I accidently injured myself and spent tons of hours experiencing Italian medical system in action! But this one, the last part, will be about...

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Everyone seems to be doing their New Years resolutions, so here’s mine – I hope to go to Italy again. It’s been 2 years since I am back home and I miss it a lot, I miss the people, the language, the view, the music. That’s why I’m proud...

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Villa D’Este

There was this day when I really wanted to go somewhere, but it was raining, money were low, I was pretty tired, and a million other different reasons, but the urge to go somewhere was too big, so I found one option that worked perfectly for me – I...

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Galleria Nazionale D’Arte Moderna

One of the places I had visited in  Rome was the National Gallery of Modern Arts. Not that I’m an arts person – on the contrary - I know very little about the subject and I most certainly don’t get modern art, whatever that is. In truth, I think that most...

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