As I already wrote in one of the posts, recently I have been to Venice with my mom. We were just wandering around the city with no certain goal – it’s not very productive, but we thought that running around on fire and searching for some things to remember...

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Recently I have found out how greedy I am. Well, on the one hand it’s a good thing, I’ve managed to see a lot of things, on the other hand- I got a bit scared of the fact, that if I paid for something, I’m using it no matter...

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Erasmus concert

A Couple of weeks ago I had the honor of listening to my Erasmus colleagues playing (and singing) in conservatorium. Actually there were two concerts, but since I went to Riga for some gigs, I was able to attend only one of them. And since I’m becoming Roman I...

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Yesterday i went to a show. My first attempt to experience a show in Italian. I understood one joke out of maybe 15, but that’s a success, especially concerning the fact that I have been learning Italian for only a month and then all the new stuff I’ve got...

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Stazione S.M.Novella in Firenze

I went to Firenze a couple of days ago with my colleagues – other Erasmus students. Everyone decided to spend one day there, but I thought that since I’m willing to visit every available spot in Italy I want to see more, especially concerning the fact that the probability...

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