A couple of days ago me and my mom went to Venice for a weekend. It was really awesome, we’ve made a lot of pictures, ate a lot of tasty food and etc, but this time I want to write less words but show you something special. We’ve visited...

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So, my mother visited. If you know what’s a Jewish mum like, you know what I’ve been through! Just kidding, my mum is awesome :) So anyway, we decided that since she’s in Italy for the first time and I’m in Italy for the first time, we might as...

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One day of my Roman life

Sometime ago I have decided to participate in a project, that describes one day of my ordinary life. It was my third week in Italy and I was pretty stressed, cause I was expecting a package and it was a bit late – I have sent myself a piano...

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Christmas time

Since it’s Christmas time, i think it would be appropriate to write about it. I knew that Romans were Catholics, and i thought that Christmas here would be beautiful and full of “offertas” (special offer, buy it right now or you’ll miss your chance to get something you don’t...

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First impressions of Rome

Rome. A city that never sleeps, but always chills. A city filled with thousand tourists with open mouths and disposable cameras, a city where the quantity of churches exceeds the quantity of supermarkets and probably even cafes. A city where no one speaks English. Ok, last statement is not...

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